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Sometimes I struggle to drink enough water bc I have a small bladder or lie down all day. When I’ve drunk my 2L by 2:30pm for some reason I just feel successful

@witchmom is there a reason you are set on drinking that much?? That’s like a fuckton of water

@s0 I thought you’re supposed to have 2 litres a day? Am I wrong?

@witchmom that’s a really old debunked myth. For some people, doing a certain amount of activity in certain weather conditions, two litres of water is a healthy amount to consume in total including the amount in food, per day.
That got sensationalised and tabloid-ised into the “8 glasses of water per day” myth that is actually harmful because too much water is bad for you, it flushes your electrolytes.

Basically, you should follow your body’s signals of feeling thirst. If you find yourself getting dehydration symptoms, try keeping a glass of water around you more often so you have more opportunity to sip it.
If I’m lying in bed all day, I might only have 250mL of water.
If I’m working outdoors in summer, I can go through 4L in 4 hours.
Unless you have specific medical conditions, your body is most likely giving you the right amount by how thirsty you feel.

@s0 @witchmom agreed. however, i would guess that way too many people have undiagnosed diagnosable mental conditioning conditions that the thirsty meter will not functional optionally. combined with stress levels and sleep deprivation.