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the best summary of the current state of world accessible ai i have seen so far. #basiux

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Creating the first ever artificially intelligent magazine cover for @cosmopolitan ! I used @openaidalle to generate the art. By sharing the behind-the-scenes, my hope is people will see what it actually takes to create something like this. As you can see, itโ€™s not just typing in a few words and BAM magically you have the perfect image.

For something like this, there was a TON of human involvement and decision making. While each attempt takes only 20 seconds to generate, it took hundreds of attempts. Hours and hours of prompt generating and refining before getting the perfect image. Not to mention many zoom calls, emails, text message threads to bounce around ideas.

I think the natural reaction is to fear that AI will replace human artists. Certainly that thought crossed my mind, especially in the beginning. But the more I use @openaidalle , the less I see this as a replacement for humans, and the more I see it as tool for humans to use - an instrument to play.

And like any musical instrument, you get better with practice. I've had a fair amount of practice now... I've probably spent 100+ hours playing with it at this point. And knowing what words to use to communicate? That's a community effort - it's come from the past few months of me talking to other DALL-E artists on Twitter / Discord / DM. I learned from other artists that you could ask for specific camera angles. Lens types. Lighting conditions. We're all figuring it out together, how to play this beautiful new instrument.

Also, how awesome is it that the first ever AI @openaidalle magazine cover is not some random tech magazine... but @cosmopolitan, one of the biggest women's magazines ever. Right now, women are way underrepresented in the field of AI. Cosmo is an opportunity to get AI in front of women who never would have known about it otherwise. This is a field that will be responsible for so much of the infrastructure on which the future is built, so we need to make sure women are part of it.

If you donโ€™t have access to DALL-E 2 yet, I recommend signing up for the waitlist - a quick google and you should be able to find it :)

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