ahoxus pleroma

@sim thanks for sharing!

Dredd is one of those comics series that I would love to see more adaptations of.

@newt No problem. I'm glad that you enjoyed the video. Two of my favourite youtube people getting to talk to each other is a bonus even if I'm not a Dredd fan or know anything about it. It's interesting to see how well guarded it is and what can be done with our own works.

@sim can't say I'm a fan either, but I enjoyed the later movie and some comics. IDW had a nice short series, if you are into reading comic books.

@newt @sim There's a Batman / Judge Dredd comic and I just discovered it amazedAkko

@captainepoch @sim there's aliens vs predator vs batman fan movie akkogiggle

@newt @sim Oh my God, I didn't know about that puniko_amaze

I am looking to get in my hands "Robocop vs. Terminator" comic in english comfy

@newt @sim Holy shit, too many references, and too awesome!

@sim @newt did you mean yewtu.be ? 🤣

loved that fork name!

@cregox @newt I think that I meant the content of the video itself. They were talking about something else on it.

@sim @newt for sure.

but i have a huge conditioning to make humour by adding confusion. 😘

@cregox @newt Well, I'll try to remember that for next time. Confusion for humour is a different one.

@sim @newt you clearly never watched sponge bob in the right mood.

@cregox @newt Well, I have never found the right mood or interest to watch sponge bob so that would be right.